This Trend Is Actually Helpful For IBS and/or Depression

This latest trend might seem like another glitzy health product with overzealous promise but more and more research is showing that it is in fact a promising treatment for IBS and depression. And with the high rates of both, it's time to start looking for alternative treatments. 

So what is it? Probiotics of course. It's catching on at such a quick pace, that as I was taking a break during a hike a couple weeks ago, I heard a passerby say how off she felt because she forgot to take her probiotic twice that week. And she's right! So many people suffering from IBS and depression will feel significantly better when supplementing with the right strains.* 

A recent study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology said, along the lines, "the microbiota in the gut have a direct impact and connection to the brain". This is a worthwhile trend considering IBS is the number one GI complaint in the world, with an increasing prevalence in Canada. With IBS, there is a high comorbidity of anxiety and/or depression. 

What strain did this study follow? Bifidobacterium Longum (a bit of gibberish, but if you have a probiotic, just take a look at the ingredients to see if it's there). 

An important & essential side note for using probiotics: keep them in the fridge & check your supplement for 3rd party testing/storage. If they haven't been processed or stored properly, it's very possible that you are supplementing with "dead" bacteria and you won't reap the many benefits. 

Happy Supplementing, 

Dr. Tatlock

ps. If you like this article, check out my post on probiotic-rich foods! A great alternative to supplementing:

*Probiotics come in different shapes & sizes, so to speak. Some capsules contain a certain number of specific strains that are better to act as an antibiotic, whereas other capsules have strains that help autoimmunity, and then there are those that help IBS & Depression. 

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