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Naturopathic Support for Teachers

naturopathic medicine Nov 05, 2022

Youth spend six to eight hours per day with their teachers - this is often more than anyone else, including their parents. Teachers inspire a curiosity for learning and are in charge of sculpting our children’s’ minds. Because teachers have such an influential role on our children's development, they should be honoured, respected, and well taken care of.

I believe that being a teacher is one of the most important, yet most undervalued careers. Findings from Canadian research studies have consistently revealed that teachers work long hours that extend well beyond the standard 35- to 40-hour work week, with New Brunswick teachers averaging 52 hours per week. Not only is the sheer volume of their work demanding, but there has also been an increased complexity in the nature of their work in the last decade.
The five most common physical health concerns among teachers were colds/flus, sleep problems, headaches, sore throats and back pain. However, stress also impacts teacher's mental-emotional health with stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions being the leading causes of workplace absences.
And the teachers we do lose have been described as the best and brightest. "Burnout is more
common in the young, highly motivated, energetic, hard-working teacher," says Dr. Ronald
Martin at the University of Regina. "The people who burn out are the people who pour everything into it without balance." Clearly, we need to invest in teachers to ensure that they stay focused and fresh, and have opportunities to renew their passion for the profession, because teachers cannot share enthusiasm for learning with students when they feel tired and overburdened.
Research has shown that healthy teachers are more engaged with their students, more influential on the students, and miss less school, meaning less interruption in the class flow. I believe this also addresses a key issue in contemporary education: how to improve teacher quality in the face of increasing demands in the education system and during a time of depleted resources.
If we are able to keep our teachers healthy, this will not only improve the academic delivery at our schools, but also teachers will be in a good position to act as positive role models for students, parents, and the community. A teacher who is on a personal journey to wellness can have a good influence on the health of students and others.

The Solution

Dear teachers: Since we don't have the option to reduce the workload, then we must take steps to protect your body from the stress. I am very grateful for the amazing teachers I had when I was growing up. Their care, inspiration and knowledge have shaped who I am today. I am forever indebted. All three of my children are now in school and I see first-hand how impactful a teacher’s role can play in inspiring a student’s interest in learning, confidence, and overall wellbeing. Therefore, I am committed to giving back and helping the teachers as much as I can. I am pleased to announce that naturopathic visits at the EASTND Naturopathic Centre & IV Lounge are covered under your teacher's health insurance. Many of my patients find value in
testing options as well (e.g. food sensitivity testing, comprehensive hormone testing, and many others). Teachers have reported that testing through the clinic is also covered 80% by their insurance. This is a huge perk and can help streamline an individualize health plan to get to the root cause of your health.

I strongly believe that naturopathic medicine can help you no matter where you are on the health continuum. If you are feeling healthy, then my goal is to make sure you stay healthy. I want to make sure we keep you healthy today, tomorrow, five years, and 20 years down the road. And if you are in a position where you have started to experience some symptoms (e.g. tiredness, headaches, weight gain, low mood, digestive disorders, skin conditions, difficulty sleeping, etc.), then it is my job to act as your health detective to find and treat the root cause of your condition. By determining the root cause(s) of your health condition, treatment can be more individually recommended to re-balance bodily systems and offers better long-term

"Doctor" in Latin means "teacher." As a naturopathic doctor, I want to teach the teachers how to be healthy. This, at the very least, will improve the health of our teachers and keep their passion for the profession strong. However, the potential effect of having healthy teachers goes well beyond the individual teacher; it influences our youth's education quality and health. It is time to take care of the self-sacrificing individuals who are shaping our future generation.
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