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How To Support Mood and Energy into the Fall and Winter Months

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2022

With the beautiful fall colours comes a shift into the darker and colder months. This shift in seasons means a shift in mood and energy for many of us living in the northern hemisphere. The shorter days and lack of sunlight have a tremendous impact on us, and not just because of vitamin D. 

The sunlight supports our mood and energy by stimulating dopamine and serotonin production, two neurotransmitters that play a major role in our mental health. 

Here are a few tips to support your mood and energy throughout the fall and winter:

  1. Spend time outside during daylight hours to get some sunshine. You won’t be getting the benefit of vitamin D, but you will get the many other benefits of sunshine.

  2. Stay active, outside if possible, but inside is great too. Exercise is proven to help prevent and treat depression, anxiety and help prevent burnout.

  3. Make sure you’re getting enough protein with every meal. This will help support a healthy blood sugar to support your mood, energy, and to help prevent the craving for comfort foods we get in the winter.

  4. Consider acupuncture to support your mood. Acupuncture helps profoundly with stress, anxiety, grief, and worry. By stimulating acupuncture points, we can send energy throughout the body, release stagnant energy such as suppressed emotions, which brings about a deeper sense of healing. By balancing these organs through acupuncture, we can balance and soothe emotions!

  5. Consider using supplements for greater support if needed. Vitamin D is the foundation, and adding extra supplements, such as Rhodiola, St John’s Wort, B vitamins, fish oil or 5-htp can offer extra support if needed.

*Please remember that some of these supplements do interact with certain medications, so please ensure you are taking the right supplements for you, at the right dose.

If you found this helpful, you can book in with Dr. Renee Purdy at our Moncton location by clicking here! 

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