I am excited to have teamed up with a holistic nutritionist who will be making meal plans readily available for my patients. One thing I have noticed with many of my patients when I recommend a specific diet is that it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

I love making dietary changes for my patients, and I see amazing results when people are able to follow the hand-outs I give - BUT, those handouts sometimes don't cut it! 

With the 5 or 10 day meal plan I can help you reach your goals more effectively all the while avoiding the huge learning curve that accompanies many of the individualized and specific diets I recommend. 

How it works:

1. For existing patients - book a follow-up appointment to discuss goals and re-evaluate symptoms.
2. For new patients - book an initial naturopathic consultation with me, and if we feel a meal plan is what you need to meet your health goals, we will make it happen! 

**I send a summary of the diet I think would most benefit you, with an outline of the nutrients we are hoping to increase through diet, and any goals we want to achieve (ie. clearer skin, or weight loss) - My nutritionist takes the summary, considers all things above + whatever special notes we make, and sends back your tailored meal-plan** 

Why do this?

- Increased resolution of symptoms when combining diet with my other recommendations
- It makes diet changes easier
- It's more convenient than jumping between myself and a holistic nutritionist
- 2 brains instead of 1 to help you feel your best, quickly! 

What it includes: 

- 3 meals per day
- 3 snacks per day
- detailed recipes for each meal and snack
- tailored to your needs (ie. "just simple" or "gluten free, dairy free" or both!) 
- grocery shopping list

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