Mindfulness + Children: A Naturopathic Approach

As ND's, we value health and wellness promotion at all stages of life. Our team has recently grown and welcomed a naturopathic graduate, Ashley Shea, who focuses in infant + children's care and we are oh so excited! Younger years are the most important years to lay a foundation for children when it comes to their future health! We want to support families in navigating life with children to support overall health of parents and children.

Introducing mindfulness and breathing practices at a young age can support healthy coping strategies for children that can help with stress management and bring awareness to their emotions in the moment. A simple way to support this is to check in with breathing - we so often hold our breath and don’t realize that it is causing us to feel dizzy, anxious, or even dissociated from our body and the same goes for children! These breathing exercises were compiled by Ashley to help you support your child's emotional well-being!

These breathing exercises are just one recommendation that our ND's can provide for you to support your child's mental + emotional well-being! Another great resource that Ashley recommends for encouraging mindfulness in children is the book Sitting Still Like A Frog by Eline Snel. 

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