Meet Ashley Shea, ND!  

Ashley has a special interest in infant health, children's health, and postpartum care. Her goal is to work with new moms, children and their families to support and optimize proper growth,  development, and emotional health.

Ashley feels that new moms are in need of more support, and that these are the most important years to lay the foundation for our children's health. She believes it is essential to foster healthy habits and environments for children and parents to thrive.

Whether families are looking for preventative support, Well-Child Checks, or alternative treatments for common ailments, post-partum and lacation support, Ashley is excited to work with you and your child to find what’s best for your family’s lifestyle. 

Ashley hopes to support you through all of the transitions of life; breast-feeding, infancy, toddlerhood, school and teenage years, and new parents.

Ashley's focuses include:

  • Infancy

  • Toddlerhood

  • School-age

  • Teenage Years

  • Post Partum Care

  • Lactation Support

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