How a Children-Focused Naturopathic Doctor Treats Cold + Flu

Well, you tried everything and did your best but your sweet little one still came home with a cold/flu from school. Every child is an individual, meaning they (like us) deal and present with illness in individualized ways. There are countless ways that we can support based on your specific concerns - here are some cold and flu season tips from our children-focused Naturopathic Doctor, Ashley Shea, to help you support your child if they contract a cold or flu this season. Learn More About Ashley!

And the best part? The products she recommends can be found at The Wellness Exchange in Moncton!

As ND’s we work with you and your family to get the whole picture of your lifestyle and concerns, to treat the root of your problems and find a treatment plan that is best for your family!



For when you feel a cold coming on

WARMING SOCKS. Before bed wet the thin cotton socks in cold water, wring out as much water as possible and put on your child’s feet. Put the wool socks over the wet socks and put them to bed. Keep to socks on overnight and let them do the work! This a form of hydrotherapy, when our feet are cold the body moves blood towards our core and vital organs, and we start to increase immune cell production. As the socks start to warm, blood vessels dilate and bring blood, resources, and immune cells throughout the body! We find this works best after a warm, relaxing bath!

What you need: thin cotton socks or wool socks 

For congestion and mucous

HERBAL STEAMS. Put a few drops of essential oils onto a cloth and place in the shower. Turn the shower on to hot and close the door. After the bathroom has filled with steam, let your child sit in the bathroom (NOT the shower) for 5 minutes. The steam and added essential oils will help break up mucous and make it easier to get out.

What you need: wash cloth, thyme or eucalyptus essential oil

St. Francis Chest Rub is another great tool for congestion and chest heaviness that come with colds/ flus.

For earaches.

ST. FRANCIS EAR OIL. A combination of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs to help treat any earache! This oil contains

  • Garlic - antimicrobial for common ear infections
  • Calendula + Mullein - help soothe and heal irritated membranes while reducing pain.

It’s important to see a health care practitioner for an assessment before putting anything in your ears to ensure the ear drum is intact.



PROBIOTICS. Our gut plays a huge role in balancing our immune system and modulating our inflammatory response. During times of stress, illness or poor diet, our gut microbiome can be more susceptible to “bad” bacteria, leading to illness and digestive upset. We want to support our digestive system especially during times of transition.

  • Cultured Coconut is one of our favourite ways to introduce probiotics into the diet.
    Start with 1⁄4- 1⁄2 tsp and work up to 1 tsp
  • Chewable Option: HMF Child Probiotic or RenewLife Kids Ultimate Flora Probiotic

* There are a variety of probiotics out there, some strains are more specific for different conditions, if you’d like more information of which probiotics is best for you it is best to speak to your ND!

VITAMIN C. Major immune system stimulator through antioxidant action and an increase in white blood cells. Vitamin C levels are known to fall with the onset of a cold! 

  • We love HerbaLand Sugar Free Vitamin C Gummies!

OVERALL IMMUNE SUPPORT - St. Francis Deep Immune For Kids. Combination of gentle yet effective, immune supporting herbs; Astragalus and Codonopsis. Perfect for those children who seem to catch every infection that goes around. Can be taken daily and is great for the transition into fall and winter and the start of cold and flu season.


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