Why Spring is a Season for Detoxification

Seasonal detoxification (and detoxification in general) may sound like a buzzword given how much you see it online, but the benefits are real! Detoxification is a process that is natural to our bodies, it supports our innate ability to heal and helps rid the body of toxins and waste. This is important! When chemicals have the opportunity to build up in our bodies they can leave us feeling sluggish, bloated, and just not our best selves!

Let's answer the big question : why detoxify in the spring?

In today's world, we're exposed to many more chemicals and pollutants, processed foods, and stress than previous generations, which ultimately take a toll on the body. Like we mentioned, if waste and toxins build up, over time, it impacts our overall health and well-being in many ways (digestion, hormones, energy, mental health, skin, and and and...!)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the season of spring is associated with the Liver, the main organ for renewing, cleaning and energizing the body! The cyclical flow of the seasons in TCM means that with every season change, organs also become more or less active to help us flow and remain in balance during seasonal change. With the Liver being active in the spring, it helps us detoxify and renew after a long winter, so it's important to support your liver during this time and help it do what it does best - detoxify! 

Benefits of Seasonal Detoxification

  • Increased Energy: No more afternoon energy slump! By supporting your body's detoxification processes, you can boost your energy levels and feel more vibrant and alive. B vitamins are especially important for energy and supporting our detox pathways! 
  • Improved Digestion: Bloating, gas, and indigestion, no thank you! Seasonal detox can help improve digestion (and the health of the digestive tract), both by reducing inflammation and improving nutrient absorption! By supporting the liver in detoxifying more effectively, we want to make sure we help the body eliminate this waste! The goal is improving digestion and supporting regular bowel movements to eliminate toxins.
  • Clearer Skin: If there is one thing we know to be true, the skin is a reflection of the body's internal environment. If you're after a dewy glow, detoxification is especially important for skin! We want to make sure you are flushing out toxins, eliminating regularly through bowel movements, and are consuming enough fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants to support digestion and skin! 
  • Enhanced Immunity: We'll say it because it's true - inflammation will drive poor immune function. When our liver's are stuck processing a lot of waste, it can decrease it's ability to detoxify our natural by-products of our immune system working. Aka : as the immune system kills germs/viruses/etc, the body produces some inflammation and waste - all a natural part of helping you stay well! By supporting your liver (and digestion!), you support your immune system to help you get sick less often, and bounce back quicker when you do get sick! 

Want next-level detoxification? Consider incorporating detox supplements! We recommend high-quality formulas that can support detoxification processes and improve your overall health.

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There is a reason that you'll find our team focusing on liver support through nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, supplementation, IV drips, and counselling this spring! Our team of naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists at EASTND are here to help. Working 1:1 with us means we create a personalized plan for you to help you detoxify most effectively, and provide you with the tools to take care of you! 

Join us in renewing & detoxifying this Spring! Book an appointment with one of our practitioners today for improved health & vitality this spring so you can bloom with the flowers! 

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