Naturopathic Medicine Week Q+A With Our ND's


To celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week, our ND's did a Q+A to answer questions submitted through social media. Expect some chat about choosing household products + skincare, digestive health, hormonal health, favourite supplements, and more! 

The focus of Naturopathic Medicine Week this year was Better Together. This resonates so deeply with us because there are so many ways that we're better together!

ND + PATIENT: The relationship between patients and naturopathic doctors is so important, working WITH you is the essence of being better together! As ND's, we believe that education, empowerment, and accessibility are key in creating lasting change. Teaching you about your unique health picture and how your body is functioning is fundamental for us, and empowering you to advocate for your health + providing you the skills and knowledge for optimal health moving forward. It's so important for us to meet you where you're at - diving into what you're feeling and experiencing, what your health goals are, and how we can support you in making them happen by creating treatment plans that are accessible to you - no matter how big or small!

ND + ND: Teamwork makes the dream work!!! At EASTND, we value collaboration immensely and as ND's we truly are better together. As ND's we can have various focuses in practice; collaborating with our colleagues not only supports us in seeing cases from different focal points, but ensures a thoroughly holistic viewpoint! A healthy collaborative relationship allows us to support each other in being the best naturopathic doctors we can be, because our goal at the end of the day is to support you in optimizing your health today, and every day moving forward!

ND + OTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Collaboration truly is key - we value so deeply the perspectives of other modalities and professions. Every profession has something to offer and we encourage our patients to build a healthcare team of practitioners they trust to ensure all-around optimal healthcare; we’re not afraid to work with other members of your healthcare team, or support you in building a team! Working together with other practitioners to support your healthcare journey to optimal health is a no brainer for us! If we reach a point where we see that your health concern would be supported well with another modality, we support that and work alongside those practitioners to optimize your health, today and everyday moving forward! Finding practitioners that we trust that also value collaboration fosters a healthy relationship between professions and a safe space for patients to feel the freedom + empowerment to build a healthcare team, and we want to support you in this journey to help you find practitioners best suited for you.

If you're interested in learning more about having an ND as part of your healthcare team, learn more about what we do here or contact us!

M O N C T O N : [email protected] // (506) 830-8333 // Click Here to Contact Moncton

C H A R L O T T E T O W N : [email protected] // (902) 367-5300 // Click Here to Contact Charlottetown

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