Energy Balls To Make Seed Cycling More Convenient!

As healthcare practitioners we often recommend changes to your diet along with certain supplements. One easy to implement protocol, and truthfully, a great starting point if you are experiencing hormonal imbalances, is something called “Seed Cycling”.

Seed Cycling is meant to bring balance to your estrogen and progesterone levels and does so by introducing correct ratios of hormone influencing nutrients at the appropriate time of your cycle. How? by eating different and specific seeds! Not to worry, seed cycling can be conveniently and safely integrated into your day to day routine.

Learn more about seed cycling here!

Our Holistic Nutrition Consultant Lauren developed these two energy ball recipes that hit the mark on taste and nutrition so that you can bring your seed cycling on the go and fuel properly at the same time! 

So first things first, phase one of seed cycling - the follicular phase! 

F O L L I C U L A R  P H A S E

Occurs from the 1st Day of Menstruation - Day 14

Estrogen levels rise during the first half of the menstrual cycle, and during this phase we focus on flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, which essentially block excess estrogen uptake and are high in zinc to support progesterone production in the next phase (luteal) of the cycle! 

F L A X  S E E D S are rich in lignans, an antioxidant-rich plant compound that have the capacity to increase or decrease the effects of estrogen in the body based on the individual’s need.

Flax seeds are also known to decrease breast tenderness that occurs in the days leading up to your period!

** don’t let this confuse you into eating flax in your second cycle, the benefit will last even after you have switched to the seeds in the second cycle!

P U M P K I N  S E E D S are high in zinc to support the production of progesterone needed for the second cycle. This helps you prepare to make more progesterone.

After the Follicular phase comes the Luteal phase, where we see a shift in the dominant hormone and switch to two new seeds! 

L U T E A L  P H A S E

Occurs from Day 14 - Menstruation
As progesterone kicks in to facilitate a healthy environment conducive to conception, we switch to sesame and sunflower seeds, which are high in omega fatty acids. They also contain selenium, a mineral involved in detoxification and hormone balance! Detoxification is important to ensure that we are eliminating hormones that have been metabolized, and avoid have excess levels that can cause symptoms (think PMS, breast tenderness, mood fluctuations, and more!)

S U N F L O W E R  S E E D S are high in selenium and vitamin E that boost progesterone in the second cycle and reduce PMS symptoms and promote healthier bleeds!

What is a healthier bleed? Moderately red blood with little clotting!

S E S A M E  S E E D S contain compounds that prevent overproduction of estrogen, or an “estrogen dominance” picture. When a woman has estrogen dominance they will experience severe PMS and oftentimes very heavy bleeding, so sesame seeds serve to balance this production! 



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