Cosmetic Acupuncture: Your Questions Answered

acupuncture skin health May 02, 2019

Acupuncture is an ancient healing method used to help stimulate the body’s natural capacity to heal. It has been shown to help improve a variety of long standing concerns such as pain, headaches, digestive troubles, and trouble conceiving. However, a newer technique of targeted acupuncture to the face and neck is making waves in the media as a natural procedure to help reduce signs of aging.

How it works:

On the SKIN CELLS: the needles are stimulating new collagen growth in the skin. Collagen is the protein in our skin that keeps it firm and plump. When the needles puncture the skin layer, they create “micro trauma” to that area. When the needles are removed the body then stimulates a healing response to that targeted area. By applying the needles directly to fine lines we are encouraging targeted collagen growth. When we supplement with collagen powder it does help improve the look of our skin but some of that collagen is being used by the joints and muscles. Therefore, we cannot control the amount of collagen being targeted for our skin cells in the face. Acupuncture differs by providing direct stimulation of collagen production in the targeted area.

On the MUSCLES of the FACE:  the acupuncture needles relax muscles on the face by reducing tension. Overuse and tension of the muscles contributes to the development of wrinkles and fine lines (i.e. squinting increases wrinkles between the eyebrows). Facial expression is a beautiful means of connecting and we never want you to stop smiling or laughing. However, we can help reduce some of the impact it has on wrinkle development. Remember to always wear your prescription glasses and sunglasses to reduce squinting!

On a DEEPER level. Acupuncture is helpful to reduce overall health concerns that may be contributing to aging. It can help promote restful sleep which is essential for glowing skin. It can also help address chronic stress, poor digestion, and other root causes that may be contributing to increased aging of the skin. 

How Long Are Appointments?

Appointments are ~50 minutes. Each treatment will include a personalized cosmetic acupuncture protocol, points to help promote blood flow, brighten complexion and focused wrinkle and fine line treatment. The fine line treatment includes a hyaluronic acid spot treatment. Needles will also be included to promote deep relaxation, as the needles are kept in the face for ~30 minutes. The acupuncture is followed by a jade roll facial massage using Province Apothecary’s Organic Herbal facial rejuvenation oil treatment.

How Many Appointments Do I Need?

Best results for cosmetic acupuncture are seen after a minimum of 6-10 treatments. We often recommend 1 treatment weekly for 6 weeks. We will then evaluate further treatment at that point.

How long Will The Results Last?

This depends on your treatment goals. If you commit to the proper amount of initial treatments to see pronounced results and are able to commit to maintenance, it could sustainably contribute to years of youthful glowing skin.

Is it covered by insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies have coverage for naturopathic doctors. We can bill this service under those benefits.

How does it compare to micro-needling and botox?

Micro-needling is a more invasive treatment, however, the collagen growth stimulated can last for years. It is a good option for those who would like more pronounced collagen growth without committing to botox. We will offer this service in the near future. 

Cosmetic acupuncture cannot be compared to botox, because they are entirely different processes. The capacity of botox to reduce and eliminate wrinkles and lines will always be greater than cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is designed to help slow down and reduce signs of again, not prevent it from happening. Botox has the capacity to prevent and drastically reduce wrinkles as it prevents the targeted muscles from moving. It can be costly, invasive and requires frequent maintenance.

It always comes down to treatment goals and expectations—this is something we discuss in our initial consults.

What Other Natural Alternatives Exist To Promote Youthful Looking Skin?

 MANY. We offer a full cosmetic intake, which includes an evaluation of skin type, suggested product regime for improved hydration and anti-aging. We discuss how to optimize digestive capacity, detox capacity, and hormonal balance to ensure your skin health is sustainable through managing the internal influences on skin health. We will provide an individualized nutrient protocol and discuss injection or IV infusion options.

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