How To Have Clear Skin All Month Long

Skin care throughout your menstrual cycle....

One day your skin is perfect; clear, glowing, soft and hydrated. The next day, you wake up and you are in a full blown break out, what happened?

Your menstrual cycle plays a key role in how your skin looks and feels through out the month. 

You may have noticed that right before your period your skin becomes a little oily leading to a hormonal acne breakout, typically around your chin and jawline. 

When looking to match up your skincare routine with your cycle it’s important to track it. Everyone’s cycle is different and can even differ from month to month. 

 Let’s explore the different phases and how you can match your skin care routine with them for beautiful results.

What To Expect During Your Cycle

The changes in our skin through out the month can often be a mystery, chalked up to hormonal changes, however there are practical easy steps you can take to lessen the impacts of the changes to you skin through the entire cycle.

 Days 1-6

Hormones are at the lowest on the first day of your cycle. 

You may experience dry skin due to a decrease in sebum production. Without the aid of estrogen your skin could be dehydrated and have difficulty remaining moisturizer, leaving your skin dull and dry. Due to inflammation at this time of your cycle, your skin can also be more sensitive.

Skin Care Tip: This is no time for waxing or any other harsh skin treatment. Your skin is more sensitive at this time, an oil based cleanser, a rich moisturizer and hyaluronic acid are your friend's.

Days 7-11

Your period has come to an end and estrogen production kicks in! This is great news; natural collagen production is stimulated, increased elastin and an increase in natural hyaluronic acid paves the way for the growth of new skin cells. 

Skin Care Tip: It’s time to exfoliate away the dead skin cells to make room for new, beautiful, younger looking skin. If you haven’t had a chemical peel in a while this may be the perfect window to do so. The added bonus are tighter pores keeping acne breakouts at bay.

 There is no time like the present to get into the routine of dry brushing. Not only great for our face but all over!

 Days 12-16

Estrogen is at it’s peak and not only do you physically feel great your skin looks fabulous. The skin is it is peak hydration, your pores are tight due to increases in collagen and elastin. 

Skin tip: Let’s keep the party going with a professional skin rejuvenation treatment such as microneedling or a chemical peel. 

EASTND natural skin rejuvenation treatments.

Days 17-24

What goes up must come down, after ovulation estrogen levels drop significantly and progesterone is on the rise.

This rise activates sebum production, causing our skin to swell and clog pores, leading to a possible acne breakout.

Skin Care Tip: We are going to want to draw out impurities, detox the skin and dry up excessive oil. Bentonite clay, charcoal and sulfur products will go a long way at this time. Using these ingredients are preventative measures for hormonal acne’s breakouts that can happen in the last few days of your cycle.

 Days 25-28

You are now entering PMS territory and it’s time to not only take care of your skin but yourself also.

Testosterone levels are higher than estrogen or progesterone causing bloating, puffiness and an abundance of oil in the skin. It’s during this time that our skin is at it’s most vulnerable for hormonal acne breakout. 

Skin Care Tip: Go easy on any heavy cosmetic products such as creamy foundations that clog your pores. Be sure to incorporate a double cleanse, this is the time to ensure you are washing away all makeup, dirt from the day and oil from your skin. Keeping your pores clear is key. Sulfur soap though not designed to treat acne will control bacteria growth and gently dry up excessive oil. And this is not the time to shy away from moisturizer!

Consider a professional chemical peel and blue light therapy at EASTND.

 Seed Cycling

Want to take your skin care health one more step? Seed Cycling is a natural easy effective way to balance your hormones. 

Read more about it here“Seed Cycling To Regulate Your Hormones”

Take this as an opportunity to have a professional natural skin rejuvenation treatment with our medical aesthetician at EASTND.

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Karen, Medical Aesthetician

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