How Many Skincare Products Do I Really Need?

Five and an SPF of at least 30.

There are soooo many skincare products on the market, all promising you quick unrealistic results. 

In reality skincare products are just one of the steps in achieving beautiful healthy skin, an important one though and it doesn’t need to be complicated! 

Now back to the five steps; to be honest I don’t always recommend all five but if you are doing all five you can’t go wrong!

1. Oil based cleanser - You may not be a fan of oil based cleansers but let me break it down for you.

Oil cleans oil. By the end of the oil has built up on our skin, regardless if you have oily skin or not and only an oil based cleanser gets deep into the pores dissolving access oil and all the dirt from the day.

It’s gentle! Oil based cleanser are gentle on the skin, never drying, your skin will feel smooth  and hydrated.

*if you are wearing makeup you are going to want to double cleanse. I nice pink clay soap after you have cleansed with the oil based cleanser will be sure to get all the dirt and grime from your skin.

2. Toner - There are two school of thought on how to best use a toner. In the past most toners had an alcohol base to it and basically used to get the last traces of dirt off your skin before you use your moisturizer. In my opinion, never use alcohol on your face, it will only dry and strip it’s natural oils and second, you have already double cleansed, the dirt is gone!

Toners have come a long way and many no longer contain alcohols, instead are used to restore your skin pH balance, ensuring your skin not too oily or not too dry. Natural safe active Ingredients such as: 

Geranium Essential Oil - Unclogs pores and deep skin congestion to help clear acne-prone skin.

Frankincense Oil - Reduces the appearance of aging, sunspots, and scarring.

Rosemary Extract - Packs potent antioxidants and promotes the appearance of supple, more even skin.

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Absorbs easily and helps restore balance to problematic skin.

Rose Flower Water - Hydrates and cools.

3. Serum - Where to start? There are so many serums on the market and many of clients tend to have several. Some serums are designed to hydrate, others to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combat acne and many that have a duel purpose, like our “ EASTND Bakuchiol Serum”.

It’s important to understand your skin type and skin needs to select the right one for you. Using too many or the wrong one can actually make your skin worse. If you are unsure, book a skin consult with me and we can build a skincare routine that is simple and effective.

4. Moisturizer - This one seems obvious but I have had many new clients that either didn’t moisturize at all or only when they thought they needed, basically if their skin felt dry. If you are waiting until your skin feels dry then you have waited too long and actually no matter your skin type we should all be moisturizing twice a day.

Not only will your skin look and feel healthier moisturizing reduces the chances of other skin problems such as dryness and even oiliness, yes if you don’t moisturize your skin will over produce oil to compensate, leading to possible acne breakouts. 

Moisturizers are the barrier between your skin and the dirt and pollution throughout the day, be sure to use it in the morning and evening to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

5. Exfoliation - two to three times per week we need to use a gentle exfoliation to clean away our dead skin cells. We turn over our skin cells every 28 - 30 days and it actually slows down as we age. We are losing skin cells everyday and without exfoliating them away they build up over time on our skin, leaving our it dull and rough.

You will want to use a very gentle exfoliations, people are tempted to scrub at their skin however the skin on our face should be treated like newborn skin, think fine oatmeal and no to coffee scrubs.

At EASTND we have a small well curated line of natural skincare products. 

Take this as an opportunity to have a professional natural skin rejuvenation treatment with our medical aesthetician at EASTND.


MONCTON at 1.506.830.8333 or email at [email protected] 

CHARLOTTETOWN at 1.902.367.5300 or email at [email protected]

Karen, Medical Aesthetician

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