How Do I Get Rid of Age Spots?

We often think of wrinkles as the tell tale signs of aging but in fact “age spots” also known by some as “liver spots and sun spots” age us long before wrinkles do.

Age spots can be found all over the body due to sun damage but the areas that people notice the most are our face, chest and hands. 

What are age spots and how did I get them?

No matter what we call them prolonged exposure to sun are the reasons for these dark spots on your skin. Ultraviolet rays (UV) speed up the production of melanin the pigment that gives your skin colour. Over the years the overactive pigment cells lead to melanin becoming clumped into small areas on the skin. 


These clumps or age spots:

  •  Get darker in the summer due to increased exposure to sun
  •  Are usually flat and oval
  •  Can be as large as 1/2 inch
  •  As we age the spots can group together and create large patches
  •  Predominately on our face, chest, shoulders, back and tops of the hands

What are my treatment options for age spots?

Before we dive into the treatment options, you must start wearing sunscreen right now! Yes we can help reduce these stubborn spots but until you are committed to wearing sunscreen every day, not only will it be impossible to make them disappear you will continue to get more and more.

There are three treatment options at EASTND:

  1. Topical creams and supplements to heal the skin 
  2. Natural non-invasive professional skin treatments.
  3. IV Therapy

All three are effective on their own however combining them will get you the fastest results.

Topical Creams and Supplements

It is always recommended to meet with one of our naturopathic doctors to determine which ones are best for you and to ensure you are using the products safely and with the right dosing of the quality medical grade products we carry at EASTND.

Examples of professional products our ND’s work with Vitamin B3 creams and Vitamin C supplements.

Natural Non Invasive Professional Skin Treatments

At EASTND we specialize in treating age spots by doing a combination of a Modified Jessner Peel + Microneedling. Ask us about other skin rejuvenation options as well!

Age spots build up over time and starting with the Modify Jessner Peel allows us to do a deep exfoliation removing built up dead skin cells that increases the appearance of age spots. There is some downtime with this peel however you will love the immediate results you get. Glowing skin, lightening of age spots, overall improvement of tone and texture. 

Though downtime can be anywhere from 7-10 days while the peel does it’s magic, we customize each peel to meet the needs of the client. 

Read more about our what to expect after your peel HERE.

Once we have a nice exfoliated base to work from we introduce microneedling. 

The benefits to microneedling are numerous! And when it comes to age spots microneedling will give you the long term results without any downtime and can be preformed on all parts of the body.

Learn more about the wonders of Microneedling.

Now to take everything to the next level and not only help reduce the appearance of age spots with a Glutathione Drip / vitamin C, not only improves your overall skin, it also improves your over all health!

Our Naturopathic Doctors will work with you to find the perfect IV drip for you. Read more about IV Therapy HERE.

Take this as an opportunity to have a professional natural skin rejuvenation treatment with our medical aesthetician at EASTND.


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