Guest Blog with Lex McGrath: Get Glowing Skin with Custom Facials at EASTND

skin health Feb 02, 2024

We are so excited to have local fashion, beauty & lifestyle enthusiast Lex McGrath joining us on the blog to discuss how our Custom Facial changed the game for her skincare by addressing her individual skincare needs and goals! 

Embarking on a journey to rejuvenate my skin, I sought an experience that seamlessly combined the soothing ambiance of a spa with the precision and scientific expertise of a clinic.

EastND offered an experience that not only transformed my skin but also provided me with valuable insights into skincare practices. 

My journey began with a consultation with the knowledgeable Medical Aesthetician, Bobbie Jo. During the consultation, we discussed my skincare goals and reviewed the products I currently used. Her diagnosis revealed damaged capillaries from sun exposure and congestion in the nose area, so we decided to focus on those and improved hydration for the treatment plan. She also recommended I add a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to my daily routine, and now I cannot go without it! I really love the one by Quannessance - it’s effective, yet still available at an accessible price point. What made the consultation truly enriching were the educational insights provided. Bobbie Jo emphasized the importance of exfoliating before moisturizing to allow my moisturizer to penetrate effectively, the importance of mineral sunscreen (even indoors!), and some practical tips such as regularly changing pillowcases for acne prevention. The attention to detail, like the heated bed and relaxing wave sounds made the experience memorable.

I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking not just a skincare routine but a comprehensive and personalized skincare experience. The combination of aesthetic expertise, calming atmosphere, and educational insights makes EastND a standout choice for those on a journey to healthier, more radiant skin.

Click HERE to check out Lex's full experience with our Custom Facial. If you're interested in booking, check out Lex's reel for a code to receive a special offer! 

You can find our medical aestheticians at our cozy Victoria St clinic EASTND on Victoria. Click HERE to book an appointment to start on your path toward skin rejuvenation! 


Lex McGrath 

IG: @lex.mcgrath

TikTok: @lex.mcgrath



Karen: @skinbykdu

Bobbi Jo: @bobbiejomacdonald_bodyenvy

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