FREE WEBINAR! Body Image Class: Learn to Love Your Body

women's health Mar 18, 2021

This class is for you if you’ve been trying to improve your body image and confidence but you feel stuck. Maybe you’re trying affirmations, reading books, listening to podcasts, but it’s not quite getting you to a place where you can truly say you love your body.

WHEN: March 24th at 6PM EST/7PM Atlantic Time

This class is hosted by EASTND and taught by Melanie Maxwell of Body Confident Coaching.

Melanie has turned body image, something that can feel abstract and hard to wrap your head around, into an actionable process. After a lifetime of struggling with body image, depression, and low self-esteem, she hit a rockbottom moment with her confidence in 2018 and became determined to figure out what really worked to improve confidence, and what didn’t. Through her own experience and through working with clients, Melanie has created a 9-part confidence framework that helps women see, step-by-step, what they need to work on to improve their confidence and body image. 

In this 1 hour class, you’ll learn:

  1. The missing pieces of your body image and confidence journey.
  2. The steps you can take to improve your body image efficiently and effectively.
  3. The root causes of bad body image that continue to block you from loving your body.

There will also be a 30 minute Q & A at the end so you can get all of your questions answered!

The class will be hosted on Zoom, but your camera will be automatically off and mic muted so you can listen in and participate in the chat without having to show up on camera.


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