Meet Jodie Tatlock, ND!

Jodie is the founder of EASTND and solely owns and operates the Moncton location, while co-owning our Fredericton location. Jodie is on a mission to innovate and curate wellness services in Atlantic Canada.

Jodie began her private practice in 2016 with a focus on hormonal, mental, and digestive health. While practicing and growing EASTND, Jodie became a mom to her two children. Aiming to find balance between her personal life and operating the clinics, she holds limited private practice hours for her existing clientele.

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Being passionate about expanding services and offerings, mixed with a passion for mentoring others who work at EASTND, Jodie helps match clients with the right practitioner for their needs and is currently working on developing "EASTND Online", a platform that will allow her and her team, to reach more people and fufill the role as "educator" and "empowerer" for those looking to regain control over their health.

From a practice perspective, she values functional testing and Vitamin IV Therapy. Jodie is confident that clients who are wishing to work with her specifically, can be matched appropriately with one of the many amazing Naturopathic Doctors on staff! When in doubt, ask our admin about the practitioner-client "matching questionnaire" that she created to help book accordingly!

Jodie Tatlock
IV Therapy

Jodie's Focuses Include:

  • Clinic Operations
  • Clinic Innovation
  • Online Courses
  • IV Therapy Referrals
  • EASTND Service Referrals

Work With Sierra!

  • The following are rates for appointments with Sierra (under the supervision of Meghan Oxford):
  • 1-hour Initial consultation - $100.00
  • 30-minute Follow-up - $50.00
  • Acupuncture session - $50.00
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