Counselling is a special environment which allows you to talk to an understanding, non judgemental, caring individual who can help you process your emotions, learn ways to cope better with stress and anxiety, explore current situations in your life, and work towards better understanding yourself and your journey in life.

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Our counsellors offer one on one consultations. The initial session will explore your background, goals, identify support systems, and a treatment plan will be created. Subsequent visits are mutually agreed upon based on individual needs. 

In between sessions our counsellors may require you to work through different activities, worksheets, and other progress enhancers that will empower you to maintain the relief you find during each visit. Sessions are each an hour long. Please note that all sessions are offered to individual clients, couple counselling or mediating services are not a part of our services.

Available by video, phone, or in person. 

‣ Anxiety

‣ Depression

‣ Greif & Loss

‣ Anger Management

‣ Parenting Skills

‣ Self-Esteem

‣ Positive Body Image

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Counselling is conducted in a confidential environment with a strong emphasis on a safe space to explore your world and feelings. Licensed Counselling Therapists (LCT) must abide by the ethical framework put forth by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapist Association and be a member in good standing with the College of Licensed Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick.

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