Vaginal Health Series - Part II: Bacterial Vaginosis

women's health Jul 09, 2019

Bacterial vaginosis is a common condition that affects the pH of the vaginal canal. This condition can present with symptoms or without. Most commonly the symptoms manifest as thin, watery or grey discharge with an odor similar to fish or amines (sour/metallic). It is diagnosed via vaginal swab with your primary health care provider. Bacterial Vaginosis can be difficult to resolve as the pH of the vaginal canal is very sensitive. 

Roughly 70% of all cases tend to reoccur AND 30% of those cases are within the first month after treatment. They believe the root cause of this reoccurrence is continued changes in pH of the vaginal canal. This leads to bad bacteria to overpopulate, pushing out the good bacteria. Good bacteria need an acidic environment to populate. 

The most common risk factors for Bacterial Vaginosis are:

  • non-cotton and non-breathable pants and underwear fabrics (daily exercise/hot yoga)

  • IUD contraception--especially the copper IUD

  • semen

  • pH changes with menstrual blood

  • scented soaps or body wash

  • poor diet and low immune function


How we treat and resolve BV naturally (with or without antibiotic treatment):

We help to minimize fluctuations of pH in the canal - by discussing your relevant triggers and how to avoid them.

We provide medical grade oral and vaginal probiotic supplementation- designed specifically to repopulate good vaginal bacteria. Selecting only strains (L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri) that have been shown to reduce recurrence and prevent future infections.

We incorporate the use of Gynalac gel designed specifically to balance pH and improve efficacy of antibiotics in clearing infection.

We Encourage elimination of alcohol and sugar during healing phase, as both feed the bad bacteria and contribute to an imbalance in good/bad bacteria in the vaginal canal.


How to prevent reoccurrence after successful treatment:

  • Using Gynalac gel 3 days after menses for 6 months, to prevent changes in pH to trigger a flare.

  • Oral probiotics for 3 months.

  • ROOT CAUSE needs to be addressed and lifestyle changes made.


Common root causes for BV:

  • multiple sexual partners ( be mindful of re-infection) abstain when treating.

  • IUDs [copper in particular], discuss options for contraception.

  • poor diet causing diminished immune function

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