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Levelled Up Thanksgiving Sides!


Thanksgiving is a special holiday because it offers us the opportunity to step back from our busy lives (hello long weekend!) and reflect on the people we have in our lives, that have happened over the past year, and the aspects of our lives that fill is with gratitude. We're so fortunate in so many ways, and when life feelings stressful or overwhelming it can be easy to forget about the abundance in our lives! We like to practice conscious gratitude on holidays like Thanksgiving where there are lots of friends, family, and nourishing food to be thankful for to serve as a reminder of all that we do have!

Speaking of an abundance of food, we love finding ways to add extra vegetables or find healthy twists on traditional meals that don't compromise on flavour! 

Eating lots of colourful seasonal veggies will deliver essential micronutrients and help promote good digestion post-feast! A diversity of vegetables is helpful for digestion not only because they're high in micronutrients, but because they're high in fiber that again will help support good digestion after the holidays! We have you covered with a bread-free but delicious stuffing option, all of the roasted seasonal veggies, and a mashed vegetable alternative to potatoes!

Adding any of these sides to your holiday rotation is a great idea because it brings a healthy option into the picture, and allows you to share with your loved ones! 

We hope you enjoy them, happy holiday! 

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