Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate points all over the body. Each point falls on a meridian that corresponds to a specific organ in the body. By stimulating these points acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions:

  • hormones/fertility 
  • menopause
  • general pain
  • back pain
  • digestive issues
  • anxiety/depression
  • skin concerns
  • stress relief
  • sleep 
  • headaches
  • and more!

We use a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine methods combined with research based protocols and bio-resonance technology.

Our Acupuncturists

Kimberly Dixon

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Madison Clarke

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Shawna Boyce

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Non-needling Options

If needles make you nervous, we can use non-needling options to help bring about the deep relaxation and healing of acupuncture!


decrease pain 

heal from injury faster

improve circulation

better mood

promote relaxation

static or dynamic available

Gua Sha

lymphatic drainage

increase collagen

improve skin tonicity

improve circulation

decrease pain

body or facial available


pressure with ear "seeds"

the ear in Chinese Medicine maps the body 

all body points can be stimulated on ear

relax vagus nerve for deep healing

stand-alone or addition to regular acupuncture treatment


Acupuncture Theory

Acupuncture is our most sought after treatment, and for good reason! Acupuncture is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. It treats a wide variety of conditions bringing a deep sense of healing and wellbeing to the majority of our clients. 

In Chinese Medicine, the body is studied through examination of meridians. Meridians are electromagnetic paths that run over the body's surface. Each meridian corresponds to different organs or systems within the body. Acupuncture points are found along these meridians and then stimulated by either needling or applying pressure to exert the desired effect. For example, the Heart meridian runs down the arm and wrist. In Chinese Medicine, the heart is thought to govern the mind. When stimulating specific acupuncture points near the wrist, the mind can be calmed.

During your initial consultation, your ND/Acupuncturist will determine which points to use for your individual treatment plan. These points require stimulation on a weekly basis for best results. While the terms used to describe acupuncture and Chinese Medicine do not translate well to our everyday Western language, there have and continue to be emerging literature to support the existence of these meridians along our bodies and how they can change and manipulate cellular DNA and bio-molecular activity within the body. 

At EASTND we combine research based protocols with more traditional tongue and pulse assessments and newer advanced bio-resonance technology to create the best treatment plan for you.

Bioresonance Technology: AcuGraph

AcuGraph technology combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science. Having AcuGraph in our clinic allows us to give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into how energy is flowing in your meridians.

It provides visual displays of meridian feedback to allow even deeper understanding of your health while providing measurable results!

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