1. Consultation

During your consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors if there is a therapeutic need for a vitamin injection, they may customize a unique blend of vitamins and/or herbs to aid in reducing your symptoms.

For example: B12 is most absorbable in an intramuscular injection and can be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety and fatigue when blood levels are deficient or suboptimal.

Amino acids: methionine, inositol, and choline used in combination as a subcutaneous injection is helpful for mobilizing fat cells and improving liver function when weight management becomes stubborn due to underlying metabolic syndromes or conditions.

2. General Information

Do I need a consultation to receive an injection?

  • Yes, vitamin injections are only available to client’s of the clinic and when one of our ND’s have determined it to be safe and necessary.

Examples of how the injections are used:

  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies that could be contributing to difficulties with mood

  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies that are not being obtained in the diet (ie. vegan/vegetarian) nor efficaciously through supplementation due to underlying digestive issues and/or poor bioavailability of the vitamin form

  • High dose herbal immune support for frequent colds and flus, when it is not obtainable through oral supplementation

What do vitamin injections cost?

  • This varies depending on the number of vitamins used and dosing required.

  • Typically it ranges from $15-$40 per injection

3. How Do I Start?

If you are a new client to EASTND you have two options:

  1. Book Your “Initial Consultation” (1 hour) for an assessment & comprehensive treatment plan

  2. Book Your “Condensed Initial Consultation” (30 minutes) for an assessment & customized injection plan

If you are an existing client of EASTND book a follow up consultation to discuss this therapeutic option as a part of your treatment plan.