Vitamin Infusions 

If you are in need of vitamin and herbal supplementation, our naturopathic doctors can help you choose the best products and/or tailor vitamin infusions. Vitamin infusions are intravenously administered by our IV technicians in a relaxing lounge environment. Vitamin infusions are ideal for those who forget to take supplements, have digestive issues that prevent absorption, or anyone looking to take their preventative healthcare to the next level. Infusions are generally safe, but those with cardiovascular, liver, or kidney issues may not be eligible for treatment. A consultation before administration to ensure vitamin infusions are a safe treatment option for you.

In addition to tailoring your own unique vitamin infusion, our ND's have carefully curated a list of predetermined vitamin infusions that address common concerns, symptoms, wants, and needs. 


Predetermined Vitamin Infusions 

✪ Supercharged Multivitamin Infusion

Our supercharged multivitamin drip takes the guess work out of finding the perfect multivitamin and ensures you absorb each vitamin without the risk of fillers, and other additives in over-the-counter supplements. 

✪ Radiant Skin Infusion

With extra hydration and a combination of collagen promoting precursors like vitamin c, glycine, lysine, and proline this drip will have your skin looking radiant. An added glutathione push is a favourite for dull complexion and aging skin. 

✪ Anti-aging Infusion

This infusion is often alternated with the radiant skin drip for enhanced skin integrity. With a combination of phosphatidylcholine and a glutathione push, signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are reduced. 

✪ Mood Boosting Infusion

Especially helpful for those with anxiety, irritation, and an inability to sleep soundly, this drip relaxes the nervous system with amino acids like glycine and minerals like magnesium. With added B-vitamins methylation pathways are improved for better neurotransmitter production.  

✪ Burnout Rescue Infusion

This drip is a cortisol-regulating herbal and vitamin blend that helps those who are chronically stressed and at the point of burn out. If you experience a great deal of cynicism, depression, and fatigue it may be time to combine this drip with ongoing lifestyle changes and support.  

✪ Ultimate Hydration Infusion

Dehydration often shows itself in different symptoms like aches/pains, muscle cramps, constipation, dry skin. If you are someone is active and has a difficult time meeting your daily water intake (or hits it but still ends up dehydrated) the ultimate hydrator drip is for you. 

✪ Athletic Recovery Infusion

Ideal for anyone looking to speed up post-exercise recovery through nutrient, electrolyte, and vitamin replacement. Athletes use this drip to increase energy, stamina, and improve muscle and ligament recovery before and after an event.

✪ Immune Boosting Infusion

This drip is perfect for those who catch every cold and are always run down. It contains a mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, and a high dose of echinacea to prevent and speed recovery time of colds and flus.

✪ Gut Healing Infusion 

For those with ongoing  digestive concerns like chronic bloating, leaky gut, and IBS. This drip helps heal the gut lining with a combination of herbal glyccheriza and L-glutamine. 


  1. Book a naturopathic consultation to ensure safety and create your schedule (dose and frequency of treatment)
    * please bring a copy of your most recent bloodwork

  2. Drink plenty of water the day before your infusion, and come having eaten a meal or snack
    *Please note that all infusions require a 48 hour cancellation notification (any cancellations within this time frame will be charged for the full price of the treatment)

  3. Your infusion will be with one of our IV-techs in our comfortable IV lounge
    *you may bring a book, earphones, or laptop to use during your treatment or simply lay back and relax

The IV Lounge - 

The IV Lounge has 3 lounger chairs available at any time. If you prefer privacy please notify us before booking so that you may have the room to yourself, otherwise the room could be shared with one or two other people. 

The lounge is meant to be a relaxing space. We sell fresh juice and snacks at the clinic if you are in need of anything during your treatment, simply notify one of our practitioners. 

Group or Event Bookings -

Looking to organize a wellness day with your best friends or colleagues? Group or event bookings can be made by request. Please speak with our admin to arrange your booking today.