Vitamin Injections


Take advantage of our favourite injections by booking your initial consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors. Once seen by an ND you will have full access to the IV infusions and Vitamin injections. 


vitamins B1-B12 in a convenient shot


intramuscular B12 offers superior absorbability


two forms, folic acid or methyl folic acid


quickly correct overt deficiencies


a combination of immune-stimulating herbs, most notably echinacea. used as prevention or during a cold or flu. 


a combination of immune-modulating herbs and minerals for deep immune support. especially helpful for those who catch colds and infections commonly.


a combination of  cortisol-modulating  herbs and vitamin B5 for adrenal support. especially helpful during times of high stress or being chronically overworked.


a high-dose of  glyccheriza glabra for deep-adrenal support, especially helpful in adrenal fatigue.


a combination of lipotropic vitamins and amino acids combined with B's & chromium to aid in your weight loss


a combination of B3, B12, and nervine herbs useful for anxiety.


a combination of anti-inflammatory herbs for relief of joint pain. 


a combination of glutathione and biotin to enhance the look of skin and reduce the signs of aging.


a combination of nervine herbs and magnesium useful for an overactive mind and those who are always on the go.


a combination of B12 and adrenal-stimulating herbs to increase energy levels. 


a combination of anti-inflammatory herbs and vitamin d for general inflammation relief. 


a combination of B's and nervine herbs useful for those with irritability due to stress or anxiety. 


a combination of magnesium and anti-spasmodic herbs for relief of menstrual cramps.


an injection of high dose niacin useful in lowering cholesterol and mitigating the flushing side effect of supplementation


a combination of vitamins to enhance methylation, a common issue in depression.


a combination of hormone regulating herbs. especially helpful for cyclical depression, anxiety, bloating, etc. 


an injection of phosphatidylcholine to enhance memory and decrease brain fog. 


✪ How it works: 

  1. Dr. Tatlock or Dr. Leduc will review your health history and request necessary blood work. 
  2. Your injection treatment protocol will be determined.
  3. Administered by one of the ND's or our registered nurse.
  4. Rest, relax, and feel refuelled! 

*Please obtain and bring a copy of any blood testing results you have done in the past year.

✪ Frequency & Cost:

  • How often do I receive an injection?
    • Due to individual needs, the dose and frequency will be determined during your naturopathic consultation.
  • What is the cost?
    • Injections range from $20-$50/ shot