Nonspecific Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea. IBS/IBD (Crohns, Colitis). Malabsorption and food sensitivities. 

Treatment aims to: 

- Decrease pain and bloating
- Improve consistency and frequency of bowel movements
- Improve nutrient absorption
- Address underlying food sensitivities
- Decrease number of IBS attacks
- Increase remission time between IBD flares



Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Male Infertility, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, Low Sex Drive, Erectile Dysfunction. 

Treatment aims to: 

- improve IVF and IUI success
- Induce ovulation
- Correct hormone imbalances
- Correct nutritional deficiencies
- Address underlying autoimmune conditions
- Work on stress management
- Work on weight management
- Prevent Miscarriages

In addition to booking a one-on-one consultation, if you are struggling to conceive and don't know where to start, I am hosting monthly support groups at Conceptia Fertility clinic at the Georges Dumont:



Low Mood, Anxiety, Depression, Decreased Energy, Low Self-Esteem, Body Image Disorders.

Treatment aims to: 

- Increase overall mood
- Improve energy levels
- Increase self-confidence
- Decrease stress
- Improve sleep
- Decrease restlessness
- Decrease worrying




Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, acupuncture works with meridians along the body. Treatments greatly reduce stress, improve bowel movements, mood, and optimize fertility. In addition, it speeds recovery time of injuries and muscle strains or tension, and reduces pain.

I am also certified in, cosmetic acupuncture and fine lifting technique to promote facial rejuvenation, minimize acne, scars, and rosacea. *This service is offered by me through Namaste Spa* 


Herbal Medicine

With an on-site dispensary Herbal Medicine provides pharmaceutical-strength results with minimal side-effects. It can be taken as a liquid or through high-grade medicinal teas. 

Supplements can be found everywhere, but to achieve a therapeutic effect it's important to understand bioavailability and dosing.  I recommend supplements that I trust and have been backed by research and have third-party testing. With professional grade supplements the results you want can be achieved.

Professional Supplements


Assessing your individual symptoms and need for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals I help you make dietary changes that address deficiencies and/or sensitivities.  


Homeopathy is a safe and gentle means of treatment. It is especially helpful for alleviating stubborn symptoms or residual emotions from loss, guilt, or trauma.


If you are seeking treatment for mood, I strongly encourage you to consider a series of counselling sessions. CBT is an effective means of treatment for many mental health issues and in certain conditions, has been shown to be superior to anti-depressants and anxiolytics. 

Vitamin injections can be used to correct nutritional deficiencies and as a preventative to the cold and flu. 

Vitamin Injections




Food Sensitivity 

A finger-prick to collect a blood sample measures your immune's response to foods that you have been exposed to. It is not a true allergy, rather an indication of foods that may be contributing to symptoms you are experiencing. *If you are eating a restrictive diet it is recommended that you consume all foods for 1-2 weeks before testing. Options: 120 Foods (Serum IgG), 200+ Foods (Serum IgG), 160+ Vegetarian Foods (Serum IgG)

A kit is taken home to collect urine samples over 24 hours to measure T3, T4, and Selenium.

Thyroid Panel

A kit is taken home to collect urine samples for a complete steroid hormone profile (adrenal + sex hormone metabolites and melatonin). 

Hormone Panel


An in-house urine sample to measure indole excretion for assessment of malabsorption, protein map-digestion, and dysbiosis.

Gut Dysbiosis

A kit is taken home to collect 4 saliva samples to measure morning, noon, supper, and bedtime cortisol levels.

4-Point Cortisol

A finger-prick to collect a blood sample measures candida serum-IgG.


A finger-prick to collect a blood sample measures 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 in a convenient dried blood spot.

Vitamin D