Registered Dietitian Services

Nutrition counselling with our registered dietitian, Nicole Bourgeois, allows you to not only learn what to eat, but how to eat. These appointments can be a stand alone approach to your health or a nice add on to your naturopathic visits, if you would like a treatment plan that focuses primarily in nutrition education, meal planning, and specific dietary plans.

The goal is to show you that living a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyable and most importantly doable! There is a focus on health first, always! This means every aspect of your health, not just nutrition.

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Nicole's Goals While Working With You

As a registered dietitian, Nicole works with you to understand how to apply Canada's Food Guide recommendations into your life and...

  • Improve body image and the relationship with food + your body
  • Learn how to properly fuel your body for your individual needs
  • Educate you so that you are empowered to make your own choices that align with your values + goals
  • Eat food that you both enjoy and that makes you feel good!

A Registered Dietitian Can Help You With…

✔️ Maintaining a healthy body weight

✔️ Improving eating habits

✔️ Prevention and management of chronic disease

✔️ Menu planning for busy families, physically active lifestyles, vegetarian diets and/or budget conscious individuals

✔️ Sports nutrition

✔️ Addressing digestive problems

✔️ Eliminating food allergies

✔️ Making the right food choices to get enough calcium, iron, folate and other vitamins and mineral

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Registered Dietitian Nutrition Packages + Pricing

Meet our memberships! Our membership pricing and specific support programs bring you options that are accessible and will better support you over time.

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