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Explore our collection of easy-to-follow guides and resources created with the intention of helping you build sustainable habits to live a healthier life.

Intro to the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a powerhouse in supporting overall health. It is the diet that performs the best by far in literature for a wide range of health concerns.


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How to Increase Your Protein

One of the top things we see is low energy, very often alongside under-fuelling due to a lack of protein and macronutrients. Vegan and animal-based guides available!


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15 Minutes to Better Health

Learn about what nutrients are important for our health, how to build foundations for better overall health, nutrition habits, and more! 


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Immune Support Guide

Two of our practitioners' go-to recipes to build our at-home natural medicine cabinet, supplements they turn to for immune support, and more!


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Exam Season Support Guide

For any season of life with increased stress and mental demand, this guide has got you! Our nutritionist designed this guide and dives into nutrition and lifestyle habits that support stress management and mental acuity, as well as go-to supplements!

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Optimizing Athletic Performance

Athletic performance and recovery is rooted in providing the body with the building blocks it needs to perform at a desired level, and in managing the effects of intense training on the body! We created this guide to help athletes train more effectively and perform their best.

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Costco Shopping Guide

Our favourite items to shop for when we're at Costco, why they are nutritionally dense and important for our health, and recipes to make with the shopping guide items!


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Allergy Support, Naturally

We take a preventive approach against allergies. This looks like supporting the immune system and getting to the source of allergic flares to reduce symptoms. 

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Beat the 3pm Crash

Do you struggle with low energy mid-afternoon? We can help! At the root of this crash is often nutrition, sleep, stress, and hydration to name a few. Learn how to beat the 3pm energy crash!

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Managing PCOS

A guide created by out naturopathic doctors, to outline our evidence-informed treatment options for managing PCOS. 

Find out the best form of exercise, go-to supplements, and nutrition advice!


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Understanding Sex Drive 

A common pattern we see is people might not list low libido as a priority symptom, but they want to talk about it. Let's chat sexual health!

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