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EASTND is a modern wellness space with the goal of helping you feel vibrant and well from the inside out. We achieve this by integrating a variety of services that optimize  hormonal, skin, digestive, and mental health. 

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284 Grafton St, Charlottetown PEI

Your health: optimized today, tomorrow, and every day moving forward.

Welcome to EAST ND. Here, our professionals know that sustainable health is about more than a prescription: it’s about having strong lifestyle, vitamin, nutritional, and mental-emotional support . It’s about optimizing your health, regardless of  "okay" blood work and symptoms with "unknown causes". Our mission is to help our clients accomplish everlasting health in a critical-thinking, compassionate, and holistic way.

We take the time to listen and ensure our patients feel heard and understood. We aim to educate our clients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. By combining the latest research with traditional techniques, we give our clients the best care around.

"Celine at EASTND in Charlottetown is an incredibly dedicated practitioner. She takes a holistic approach to medicine and treats each patient with the utmost care. I have been seeing her for years for migranes and for my entire pregnancy/postpartum journey and her treatments (acupuncture, supplement prescriptions, immune and vitamin boosters, and more) have without a doubt helped me to understand and manage my symptoms better and optimize my overall wellness."

Jessica Brown

"The support of Dr.Tatlock at EASTND has completely changed my life. I had been struggling with extreme chronic fatigue, inability to focus, depression, and no libido for over a year. I began to experience intense nerve pain and it was scary and extremely painful and I knew I had to get all of this figured out. Dr. Tatlock was by my side when the doctor who ordered my bloodwork said "everything is normal". She was determined to help me feel better. Now, a few months later, I have my life back. I can function again. I knew how to take care of my body, but I genuinely physically could not do it. It was so frustrating and it made me feel terrible about myself. Thanks to Dr. Tatlock, I am able to take care of my body with ease and I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. I am ETERNALLY grateful. I've been recommending Dr. Tatlock and EASTND to everyone I know, and if you're reading this and you can relate to anything I said then I recommend going to EASTND and getting your life back."

Melanie Maxwell

"I've been seeing Celine for about a year now. I also get acupuncture from Shawna and just received my first IV! I always have such a great experience at EAST ND. Everyone there is so friendly and it is my own personal peaceful place to go! Celine has been a life saver for me!"

Erin Bateman

"I've been seeing Meghan Oxford for about 10 weeks now. She's amazing, very knowledgeable, patient, and a good listener. Felt instantly comfortable with her. I am so glad I met her and I know if anyone can help me get back to myself, she can"

Michelle Breau


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Our intention is to make wellness more accessible and manageable! Explore our collection of online courses and guides that are created with the intention of helping you live healthier lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of them are! If you're interested in a particular service, please find all details in the FAQs listed on the corresponding page when you explore "services". 

Naturopathy, Acupuncture, IVs&Injections are covered. Skin rejuvenation is not.

Direct billing is available for select services, please ask when inquiring. 

Any products that have been opened or used are non-refundable. The only exception would be in the case of an allergic reaction. This would require us to fill out a Health Canada Adverse Reaction report before refunding.

Any products that have NOT been opened may be returned within 30 days of purchase. This excludes tinctures. Herbal tinctures are custom made and with out seal, making them nonrefundable. 

Absolutely! If you're looking for the link on the website, it will only pop up once you contact us through one of the forms. 

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