Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition counselling allows you to not only learn what to eat, but how to eat. Offering a one-on-one consultation with a registered nutritionist, these appointments can be a stand alone approach to your health or a nice add-on to your naturopathic visits, if you would like a treatment plan that focuses primarily on nutrition education, meal planning, and specific dietary plans.

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How Nutrition Consults Help You…

✔️ Maintain a healthy body weight

✔️ Improve eating habits

✔️ Prevention and management of chronic disease

✔️ Menu planning for busy families, physically active lifestyles, vegetarian diets and/or budget conscious individuals

✔️ Sports nutrition

✔️ Addressing digestive problems

✔️ Eliminating food allergies

✔️ Making the right food choices to get enough calcium, iron, folate and other vitamins and minerals

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Nutrition Consultations at EASTND

Nutrition consultations are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. Lauren is a board certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and a second year student of Naturopathic Medicine at CCNM. She offers virtual consultations booked and conducted through Janeapp.

In these consultations, Lauren looks at your health from a Holistic perspective, and looks to the root cause of any health concerns you have. She explores current nutrition and educates you about how what you eat can help guide you toward optimal health, focusing on adequate nutrition and meal planning. Lauren also looks at how lifestyle can contribute to supporting your health through stress management + sleep habits, and explores supplementation to help alleviate any imbalances, ensure proper nutrient levels, and adds botanicals as indicated!

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivities are abnormal reactions to certain foods that can manifest themselves in a number of different ways in the body. These foods can trigger a reaction between the food allergen and your antibodies, generating inflammation in the body tissues. This can lead to a variety of health concerns such as

  • anxiety
  • mood swings
  • brain fog + memory issues
  • bloating, constipation, gas
  • headaches + migraines
  • eczema + rashes
  • joint pain + stiffness
  • asthma
  • fatigue


There are many more symptoms and health concerns that can arise from food sensitivities. Ultimately with food sensitivities, the gut tissue becomes inflamed allowing these allergen-antibody complexes to enter the blood stream, which causes inflammation and symptoms! Testing for your unique sensitivities allows for an understanding of the root cause of inflammation in the body, and how to move forward. By reducing inflammation, and healing the gut lining so that it doesn't allow leakage of these substances into circulation, we can lay a foundation for optimizing your health!

Our Holistic Nutrition Consultant offers testing packages that include a Food Sensitivity Testing Kit, a follow up consultation to discuss the results and develop a treatment plan that includes recommendations for lifestyle and supplementation of nutrients and botanicals, and a structured meal plan to support your health journey.

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