Dr. Jodie Tatlock,
Naturopathic Doctor

Having a passion for sciences brought me to the medical field but it wasn't until my own struggles and personal growth that I came to understand the power of the mind and the roll of deep healing when exploring our health.

Integrating medicine and traditional methods of healing are important aspects of my practice. My treatment plans are naturally focused and begin simple, targeting specific symptoms as they are. However, I believe there is a story and emotional connection tied to most diseases and over time I work with my patients to explore deeper seated obstacles to cure. 

Outside of my training and education, I am most profoundly shaped by a silent 10-day meditation retreat off the coast of Thailand. It allowed me to look at health and healing in a way I could not understand with the strict scientific believes I had taken from my BSc at Dalhousie University. I am forever grateful for the experience and the time I spent in South East Asia as it lead me to pursue a Naturopathic Medical Degree in Toronto at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

My practice primarily focuses on reproductive health, digestive health, and mental health. Although, naturopathic medicine has much to offer a variety of conditions, these are issues that I feel most passionate about. Each of them affect the other and exploring them as a triad, allows me to problem-solve these issues from a truly holistic approach. 

With my own zest for adventure and living life to the fullest, I can proudly say I am helping people achieve health in a way that makes the most sense to me. If you're curious about my services and what I can offer you, please continue exploring my site and do not hesitate to contact me! 

Dr. Jodie Tatlock, BSc, Licensed ND 

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Julie M. Ouellet,
Dietitians in the Kitchen

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Julie holds a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)  from Université de Moncton. Since obtaining her degree, she has done a variety of work as a Dietitian is southern New-Brunswick such as grocery tours, nutrition presentations, cooking classes, as well as individual nutrition consultations in a private practice setting.  

Julie is passionate about food and nutrition, and believes in being able to enjoy the foods you love while maintaining good health.  She enjoys working alongside her clients to develop individualized nutrition plans as well as providing the essential support for her clients to achieve their goals, find balance in their lifestyles, and adopt lifelong changes.

To learn more about Julie's  services, you can visit her website: or contact JTND & company directly! 



Lori Ann Dubiel,
Full Time Admin Assistant

Lori Ann is the voice behind the emails and phone calls. She is the "virtual" admin assistant of JTND, meaning you won't see her in the office, but you will definitely speak to her at some point. 

LA is a bilingual administrative assistant, with over 20 years experience in her field. 

Outside of work, Lori Ann enjoys spending time with her daughter, doggo, and being outdoors. 

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Celine Leduc,
PT Admin Assistant & Social Guru

Being a naturopathic student Celine is often the brains behind our social shares! If you are messaging or interacting with us on Facebook or Instagram, you've likely heard from her. Celine is a wealth of knowledge and can help answer quick questions regarding naturopathic medicine, health products, etc. 

Originally from Charlottetown, Celine plans to return to the island, after her graduation from CCNM in Toronto, to begin her practice. 


The Pillars of JTND & company


Natural Treatments

Achieve health and healing through one on one consultations that implement naturally focused treatment plans. 

Natural Health Products, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine.

Healthy Living

A healthy life is created by an accumulation of small habits that amount to big results - that is feeling your best, most of the day, every day.

Diet, Nutrition, Exercise.

Inspired Thought

Our lives are constantly under the influence of our thoughts. When we bring awareness into each moment we shift away from automatic thought patterns and create a life of meaning.

Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life Coaching.  

Accept What Is. Let Go of What Was. Believe in What Will Be.