Massage Therapy and Yoga Therapy

EASTND is founded on naturopathic medicine which looks at health holistically. Another way to say this is a "whole person approach"

Aaron understands that each individual requires their own personalized approach. As a result, he works with clients to obtain their desired outcome by using an array of different techniques. His aim is to alleviate pain, improve posture, and have full range of motion of the body without any discomfort. Focused on all aspects of movement, he is a firm believer in overall tissue and joint health.

Meet Aaron Murray, RMT



Aaron Murray, RMT is a registered massage therapist with numerous years of experience. 

His therapeutic approach is holistic in nature, consisting of multiple modalities in the health and wellness field. He acquired his initial degree in Psychology from Saint Mary's University while simultaneously developing his love for yoga. This laid the foundation for his yoga teacher training and more recent years, Yoga Therapy!

Even in his spare time, Aaron is very focused on movement. You can find him at the gym, practicing yoga, and enjoying nature as much as possible - hiking, biking, trail running, or simply sitting and enjoying. Family is also an absolute cornerstone in his life. He spends as much time possible with his son, who is also keen on exploring and adventures.

All About Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy consists of yoga poses, assists and massage - all with a very therapeutic approach.

During the session, our therapists will guide you through a gentle and supportive combination of poses to address any specific issue or goal you may have. Treatments focus on joint, tissue and spinal health! 

Expect increased range of motion and increased well-being! All treatments are approached in an individualized and holistic nature.

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Stay Tuned for Wellness Events!

We are very excited to offer wellness events in our Victoria St clinic! These events will be centered around yoga, massage, or a combination of yoga and massage to bring therapeutic benefit and help you rest and destress!

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