Keto Diet & CBD In The Health Industry: Our Latest Thoughts & Considerations

A Few Thoughts On The Latest Health Trends

KETO DIET:The Keto diet has taken the world by storm! And while our ND's encourage it for some, they're hesitant to use it for others. Here are some things we think you should consider. 



  • Do commit whole-heartedly and for at least 3 months (going back and forth on keto is a recipe for altered metabolism that can be difficult to reset when you no longer want to do Keto)

  • Do add in the following supplements to "do Keto" safely: B-Complex, Vitamin D, Electrolytes, and Cal-Mag 

  • Do drink plenty of water. Keto dehydrates the body and it's important to replace this water loss. 3L's daily (at minimum) is a must! 

  • Do add in MCT oil (bullet proof, or the generic brand we've seen at Costco) 

  • Do focus on healthy fats like avocado, nuts & seeds, olive, avocado, or coconut oils, and wild-caught pacific salmon 

  • Do listen to your body! - if you constantly feel sick, or start having severe sugar cravings then you might not be hitting the right "numbers" (carbs, fats, etc) for your needs. Don't ignore this, Keto can be very hard on the heart and kidneys. Ask us for help, or reconsider if the diet is for you. 

  • Do make this a lifestyle change if you're really enjoying it rather than a fad diet 


  • Don't be afraid of your fats (the high fat intake is what makes this a sustainable diet, it's so important to again commit whole-heartedly)

  • Don't skip your supplements (ensure you maintain a healthy heart and kidneys with proper supplementation) 

  • Don't rely exclusively on bacon and red meats for your fat intake - the healthy fats will better your cholesterol but these fats will not

  • Don't assume if you're friend feels amazing on Keto and you don't, that you're doing something wrong (we're all so different with different underlying health conditions/ metabolic rates and adaptability - some conditions like PCOS, chronic inflammation, or brain injuries respond phenomenally to this diet but if you don't suffer from these things you may not feel the same way when trying it)

  • Don't continue if you are female that had regular periods before Keto and now they are extremely heavy and irregular

  • Don't use Keto for quick weight loss and then fall back to your normal diet (this will not result in sustainable weight loss and may actually make it more difficult for you to lose weight if you yo-yo on Keto)

Looking for people in our community offering Keto recipes & inspiring accounts on Instagram?

Check out: 

CBD IN THE HEALTH INDUSTRY:With the legalization of marijuana in 2018, we already seeing the impact it is having in new & innovative health products for 2019. It's important to remember THC & CBD (the active ingredients in marijuana) are still regulated substances. This means we have to be careful when it comes to the understanding of how new products are being marketed. Some companies are now calling their products "CBD infused" and this can be misleading. Until we see changes in the regulation, it is safe to assume that any product available in a health food store does not actually contain any true health benefit. This is because legally they can not have active ingredients included within them - these products are simply infusing the plant's seeds (no active ingredients are found in the seeds) vs. the plant's flower (where the active ingredients are found). This being said, depending on how laws change in the upcoming year, we could start to see some incredibly helpful products.

We have our fingers crossed for the following: 

  • Active CBD infused vaginal suppositories for PMS & cramps 

  • Active CBD infused massage oils for aches & pains 

  • Active CBD infused tinctures to add to our herbal dispensary 

CBD or "cannabidiols" are the non-intoxicating active ingredients of marijuana. CBD is incredible for stress & anxiety, in particular social anxiety (helpful for those who do not want to drink to excess but need something to take the edge off when socializing), chronic pain, insomnia, and chronic inflammation. If you are trying marijuana for the first time and are looking for these effects avoid TCH and opt for CBD oils (available through the cannabis dispensaries - if you find something at a health food store "with CBD" you will not achieve a therapeutic effect). We've seen the Edison CBD oil available in the NB cannabis dispensary - this would be a great starting place, and as we always recommend, start with low dosing and increase only as needed. Usually small amounts of herbs are needed to achieve therapeutic value. 

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