10 Foods For Fertility & Libido

Some of these foods are debated, but it's hard to argue that a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is anything but beneficial not just for fertility, but your overall health. 


1. Leafy Greens! 

Rich in folate. An important vitamin for ovulation and sexual desire. 


2. Maca Root 

Stress busting and energy increasing. This root is rich in minerals and nutrients, like iron and iodine, that make you more fertile and a favourite for low vitality or sex-drive.


3. Yams 

Help balance estrogen and progesterone. 


4. Veggies and Fruits 

The more colour you get in your diet, the more nutrients your body has. This one applies to general health, but hey, you need all the nutrients you can get to grow a baby! 


5. Seaweed

A quality source of iodine and anti-oxidants. Beneficial for infertility due to hypothyroidism. 


6. Salmon 

Rich in omega-3's, that are not only good for mood, but also improve circulation to reproductive organs, and support a healthy cycle. 


7. Figs 

Low in iron? Figs are a nice dietary way to increase levels and ensure iron deficiency isn't at the root of your anovulatory infertility. 


8. Oysters 

Worried about the quality of your eggs - this food gives you a rich source of zinc, and bonus, are an aphrodisiac of a food. 


9. Berries

Protect eggs from oxidative damage by increasing the anti-oxidants in your diet. Blueberries are an especially good source. 


10. Beans

A great plant-based source of protein & iron! (Red meat isn't the only food out there, and actually, it's often exposed to synthetic hormones that can hinger your fertility).  

This list is a fun approach to fertility & some of these tidbits of knowledge are considered folklore. That being said, there is research to support proper antioxidant, omega, iron, and folic acid support, so why not add some foods that are rich in these things! 


Dr. Tatlock, ND


Disclaimer: This is meant as general information and should not replace any medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before making any changes.