Health Ministers Talk Mental Health Projects In Moncton

In last week's Moncton Health News, it was exciting to read that the federal government will be partnering with New Brunswick to financially support services and pilot projects for home care and mental health. 

While this is exciting, it's important to add that, although private, naturopathic medicine has much to offer these areas as well, and it is often, unfortunately, overlooked. The argument that naturopathic medicine is not accessible for the average person due to cost, should be compared to the many health services that are also private yet accessed regularly (physiotherapy, dental work, optometrist appointments, etc.). The reason they are regularly accessed is due to extended health care benefits, which also extend to naturopathic medicine. Considering extended health care benefits, regular counselling and support through alternative healing techniques can directly impact the mental health of Monctonians if this service were to be properly promoted. 

For the full video, you can find it on Global News here: