Plant Protein Sales Increasing by 25% #HealthTrends

I love staying on-top of the latest health trends and as one of my new years resolutions, I'm set on sharing more of what I love (in a way that I love (and I love writing)). I won't say love again... So, did you know plant protein sales are currently increasing by 25% in grocery stores and health-food shops? 

I find this so interesting. And not because I think everyone needs to eat a vegetarian diet (because I don't), but because it shows a strong movement for making more conscious and humanitarian decisions around food. Purchasing habits seemed to concentrate mainly around fake meat products (I'm sure half of you just groaned) and pea/hemp proteins.

Hear me out on the fake meat products for anyone who's over this health trend. I often hear people say things like "those aren't actually healthy options" or "what's even in that?". First off, sure they might not be entirely packed with health benefiting nutrients, but I would like to point out the incomparable of "fake meat" vs. commercial meat: toxin profile, cholesterol, and antibiotic burdens (and that's not even touching on sustainability and animal-welfare). While it might not be the same as eating a plate full of veggies, it surely isn't as unhealthy as a commercial alternative - leaving me with the question of "what's even in that?" not when I think of "fake meat" but more-so when I think of commercial meat.  

As for pea and hemp proteins, I think they're an awesome alternative to animal-based proteins and offer an alternative for those sensitive to dairy. A nutritional analysis of the two proteins places Pea as the more complete protein when comparing it to Hemp. This means its digested into amino acids more readily and absorbed more easily than hemp. But there is catch, pea protein being a little bland might have a lot of sweeteners added, if this is the case, hemp could be the better option. Whichever you choose, both of these plant-based proteins can help you meet your daily requirement of approximately 60g for active women and 70g for active men. 

My favourite brands for plant-based proteins are: 
- Metagenics
- VegaOne
- SunWarrior

What are yours? 

- jodie tatlock, licensed ND