Frequently Asked Questions….


1. Will My Insurance Cover My Naturopathic Visits?

If your insurance plan provides coverage for “Naturopath” then yes, your naturopathic consultations will be covered. With plans being individualized, it is always best to call your insurance provider to confirm what coverage you have available for naturopathic medicine.


2. Does My Insurance Cover IV-Infusions?

If your insurance plan provides coverage for “Naturopath” then yes, a portion of your IV infusion will be covered. The infusion fee is broken into: naturopathic administration fee and the cost of vitamins. Some companies will cover the cost of the entire infusion, while others will only cover the cost of the administration fee. Please call your insurance provider for confirmation on your individual plan.


3. Will My Insurance Cover My Acupuncture Sessions?

If your insurance plan provides coverage for both Naturopath or Acupuncture you will most likely have your acupuncture sessions covered under “Naturopath”. Please call your insurance provider to confirm. To access your acupuncture coverage, we cannot direct bill. Each insurance provider is different and some will only allow billing under Naturopath, whereas others will allow billing under both Naturopath and Acupuncture if you submit the receipts yourself.


4. Do You Offer Direct Billing?

We direct bill all naturopathic consultations for most major insurance providers with the exception of Federal Government Employee’s registered with SunLife. We do not direct bill for IV Infusions, or Acupuncture sessions (assuming you are looking for it to fall under “acupuncture” coverage). If such cases, if you have Naturopath or Acupuncture coverage with your insurance provider, all receipts can be submitted for reimbursement


5. What Are Your Fees?

Naturopathic Consultations:
- Initial Naturopathic Consultation $150 (1 hour)
- Naturopathic Follow Up Consultations $75 (15-30 minutes)
- Naturopathic Extended Follow Up Consultations $100 (45 minutes)

Acupuncture Sessions:
- Initial Consultation + Acupuncture $150 (60-75 minutes)
- Acupuncture Sessions $75 (45 minutes)
- Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions $80 (45 minutes)
- Qi Beauty Acupressure Sessions $100 (45 minutes)

Vitamin IV Infusions:
- IV Consultation $75 (30 minutes) - This is a condensed appointment for new clients who are strictly interested in IV infusions as a means of bettering your health. *Please note if you are a new client and looking for a comprehensive approach to your health, please book an initial naturopathic consultation before your first IV infusion.

- Vitamin IV Infusions $75 Administration Fee + $80 Vitamin Fee (45-60 minutes)
Vitamin IV infusions include: Anti-aging, Radiant Skin, Gut Healer, Rescue from burnout, Athlete Recovery, Mood Booster, Immunity Booster, Fertility Booster, PMS & Hormone Regulator, Supercharged Multivitamin drip *If you are looking for multiple infusions, additional vitamins or hydration, a $25-$50 fee is applied.

- Hydration/Hangover Infusion $75 Administration Fee + $25 Fluid Fee (30 minutes)
Hydration/Hangover infusions do not require a consultation before treatment.
For groups of 3+ the cost is reduced to $80 per person.


6. What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling of any naturopathic or acupuncture appointment. Any chances within 24 hours are subject to half the cost of the visit ($37.50-$75). For IV therapy, we require 48 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling as the vitamin bags are prepared in advance and must be thrown out if not used. IV therapy fees are the full cost of the treatment $155.


7. How Often Do I Need An IV Infusion?

The frequency of treatment is different for everyone. Your naturopathic doctor will help guide this answer during your consultation. The average person will respond to treatment every 2-3 weeks for several months, followed by monthly treatments for the rest of the year. For chronic diseases or severe symptoms, weekly sessions for several months is often required. Some of our clients are very aware and sensitive to changes and can feel when they are due for their next infusion. For the rest of us, it can take time to notice the profound effects and we provide standardized questionnaires to gauge progress.


8. Why aren’t IV infusions offered at the Charlottetown location?

With Charlottetown being a new location we have full intentions of growing and adding the IV Lounge to the practice. Hang in there, we promise it’s coming! In the meantime, our Moncton location is happy to accommodate groups if you're looking to organize a little get-away.


9. Should I bring anything to my initial naturopathic or IV consultation?

If you have a copy of recent blood-work please bring it along. If you have had recent blood-work but do not have access, we will have you a sign a release of records before or after your consultation to review those results. In addition to blood-work, it can be helpful to take photos of your current supplements and medications for easy review.


10. What is your return policy on supplements and/or herbal products?

Unopened supplements are refundable within 30 days of original purchase. We cannot return any supplements that have been opened. Herbal tinctures are non-refundable as they are specifically designed to meet your needs and cannot be reused. If you experience a severe allergic reaction to any of your health products, we must report this to Health Canada and in this event supplements would be refunded once the report is complete.