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A doula can enhance your birthing experience. They provide you (and your partner/family) with information, education, physical and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-partum. Doulas do not deliver the baby or prescribe/treat medical conditions. Instead they coach and empower new parents, and families to feel prepared, confident, and secure in the changes that are to come. 

Our doula provides non-medical support that includes: 

  • Information about the birthing process 

  • Techniques for pain management during and after labour

  • Strategies for over-coming fear and anxiety related to pregnancy, labour, and/or parenting

  • Preparation and birth planning 

  • Pregnancy related nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

What does a standard doula package entail? 

  • 3 Prenatal Consultations

  • On-call support 2-weeks prior & 2-weeks following due date

  • Support during and throughout labour and delivery 

  • 2 Post-Natal Consultations

 Our doula, Taylor, can tailor customized packages to meet your individual or family needs and preferences. To meet or speak with Taylor to determine which services will best suit your needs, please schedule a free 15-minute introductory session. During this session Taylor will provide you with a quote for the services included in the standard and/or customized package.