Meet Lauren Holden, ND graduate!

Lauren is passionate about educating you about your body and empower you to improve your health in a sustainable and accessible way.

Optimizing your heath to have you feeling your best and continue feeling that way by understanding your unique health picture is her biggest goal. She is a big believer in the power of the mind and works with you to take control of your health!

Lauren believes in a more integrated approach to healthcare and that naturopathic medicine fits incredibly well into our current medical system. She strives to improve your overall quality of life and you thrive through nutritional therapy, stress management, lifestyle support, acupuncture, and botanical medicine.

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Lauren's Focuses Include:

  • ADHD + ADD
  • Cognitive Health + Brain Function
  • Anxiety + Depression
  • Optimizing Overall Well-being
  • Energy Level Support
  • PMS
  • Burnout + Stress Management
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Optimize Your Health

Lauren strongly believes that health and wellness starts in the mind. Shifting our mindset supports more healing and gratitude within our bodies. Making this shift can support optimal health by making any changes or recommendations feel much more accessible and enjoyable, rather than a burden.

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