Speed Up Recovery of Sprains + Injuries: Advice from Our Naturopathic Doctors

Injuries and sprains can happen. When they do it's important to recover well to prevent aggravating the injury in the future or re-injuring it by going back to activity too quickly. Our Naturopathic Doctors are sharing their favourite tools for speeding up recovery of injuries and sprains by reducing pain, swelling, and speeding recovery!

Hydrotherapy. Our way of saying using alternating hot cold compresses and different oils to promote blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Important note: these options are all meant for after the first 24 hours post-injury.
  • We love: Castor oil and traditional Chinese medicine liniment. Liniment is an herbal analgesic that helps improve blood flow!

Homeopathy. A tried and true for reducing recovery time, Arnica Montana 30CH! We suggest taking this from the time of injury until healing is complete. Arnica Gel also helps reduce swelling and bruising!

Acupuncture. A foundational treatment option at EASTND. Acupuncture helps to reduce pain and swelling, continued support for healing 

Fundamentals of good health - you know us! We look at sleep and protein intake as primary supporters of recovery. We also recommend foods high in vitamin C, and hydration with electrolytes to help to body optimize healing the injury.

From varsity athletes to every day athletes, we always have the discussion of how equally important it is to strive for optimizing your performance AND preventing injuries. They go hand in hand! Our Naturopathic Doctors and Acupuncturists can help you with both aspects of training and help keep you pain-free. Book today for individualized care! 

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