September Reset

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Cleanse, Restore & Rebalance

As tough as it is to admit, we are saying goodbye to summer and welcoming autumn. September has always been the transition phase between the expansive energy and spontaneity of summer to the more organized and structured routine of fall. This is why September presents itself as the perfect opportunity for a reset. This time is also a period of transition for our bodies. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that our bodies are naturally attuned to the change of seasons and subsequently rely on changes in behaviour to maintain balance. September is free of the novelty of New Years Resolutions. One way to help prepare the body for the fall and winter is to do a revitalizing cleanse or detox.

Detoxing is one of the most important processes in our body. When functioning optimally, our innate detox system keeps us in a state of health. It does this by extracting the “good” and kicking out the “bad”. Our major detoxification organs are the skin, lungs, lymphatic system, liver, colon and kidneys.

Some people argue that detoxing is not necessary because our bodies tightly regulate these processes and stay in a state of balance. If this is true, why are chronic and preventable diseases on the rise? My answer is simply that an increased toxin burden and lack of nutrients to support our natural detoxification pathways explains this phenomenon.

When completing a detox, is it paramount the process is being done correctly and the body is provided with all of the proper support it needs to clear out the toxins. I want to share with you three ways naturopathic medicine can help optimize and support the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

1.    Dietary support

  • The detoxification pathways in the body rely on nutrients as co-factors for hundreds of enzymatic processes responsible for eliminating toxins; thus consuming whole foods and minimizing refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol play a large role in detoxifying properly. Dietary support as well as clinical nutrient supplementation are foundational in supporting the body’s capacity to detox safely and efficiently.

2.    Botanical Medicine

  • I often use botanicals in the form of teas or tinctures (extraction of the concentrated medicinal properties of the plants) which have therapeutic action to help support the health of the detox organs themselves; liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. They also help to promote excretion of toxins being removed by promoting consistent elimination (i.e bowel movements and urination).

3.    Emotional Support and counselling

  • An important component of a holistic detox is to address not only the body but the mind and soul. In order to cleanse and restore we must make room for new energy. It is important to address relationships, thought patterns and experiences that are no longer serving us. This may include working through some past experiences, identifying and changing negative thought patterns or making space for new self-care routines.


I encourage you to take advantage of September this year, work with your body to optimize the transition from summer into autumn by cleansing, restoring and rebalancing your routine. Book now to see how Naturopathic Medicine can help you implement new health habits and strategies. 

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 -Dr. Tatlock